• If you want new clients.

    We will make a short film about your products to your target consumers.

  • Increase brand recognition BRANDING

    We will create a short film that represent what your company’s mission and values while using your product to make the audience familiar with it.

  • A more sufficiant relationship with your client ENGAGEMENT

    Use short films as a way to increase interation with your clients by streaming on your website and change it monthly.

  • To find the perfect match for your company HR

    We will create a film about how it would look like to work there, its people and their passion. It will also boost your workers motivation and help with job hunting.

  • To promote your business on holidays HOLIDAYS

    We will coordinate a press release and create a film about your company’s stakeholders.

  • To promote your local area and its facilities CUSTOMERS

    We will arrange a temporary film screening that will attract attention.

  • To promote to tourists TOURISM

    We will invite overseas directors and actors to make a film that tells how appealing Japan is from a foreign perspective. We will then show it at a film festival or Youtube.