Content rights project

We propose to use short films in various situations by linking it to the International Film Festival.

Various amount of content and its genres.

How to attract customers with variety of short films.

  1. Grab people’s attention with Short films.
  2. Short Films are flexible in every event.
  3. Numerous amount of content from every country and its creators.

To be able to provide specific content for a specific event is one of the strongest suit a short film can offer. It allows companies to attract a target audience easily.

It also grab people’s attention when they are waiting in line or just walking by. It generates satisfaction while they do thier humble routines.

For example, if you wanted more customers for the holidays we will provide short films that are children friendly and resembles the holiday spirit. We might offer an interesting short film to watch at a hospital or office where waiting is inevitable.

We are capable of combining our networks and over 3000 contents of short films and produce an entertaining experience for your customers.

Sample Films We will suggest a short film for your needs. *Japan Only. For International Companies we can provide Japanese Shortfilms.

  • Hearwarming

    A Whole World for a Little World

    France / Romance, Drama / 2017 / 15:06

  • Feel Good / Funny

    Unbreakable Boredom

    France / Comedy / 2013 / 9:35

  • Family Friendly

    The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

    Germany / Animation / 2017 / 4:20

Receive sample films here.

We also provide contents related to “SDGs”, “Coming of Age”, “Women Empowerment” etc.
*These short films are limited to users in Japan but we have other short films that we can offer (mostly Japanese Short films.) Please contact us


  • Nestle Amuse

    Nestle Amuse

    We provide short films to an online theater for Nestle Japan, “Nestle Theater” where we show one film for a week for free.

  • SHIBUYA STREET CINEMA 2100 by ShortShorts

    SHIBUYA STREET CINEMA 2100 by ShortShorts

    We held a screening everyday at 21:00 at Shibuya with the help from Shibuya Television.

  • T&G Films supported by ShortShorts

    T&G Films supported by ShortShorts

    We provided short films to Wedding Venues.



    Hakone Honbako is a hotel with a concept of connecting people and books. At its theater room we provided short films that suited the atmosphere and season.

  • Osu Cinema

    Osu Cinema

    Everyday at a mini theater in Nagoya, they screen a short film. Osu is a place where evrybody comes and goes. It is a crowded district that can attract people so it is a great place to screen short films and make people’s day.

  • Prince Shiba Park "Park Day"

    Prince Shiba Park "Park Day"

    A Picnic Event at Shiba Park orgnizes a "Park Day" that contains our door screenings of short films. All children and family enjoyed a nice day at the park.

  • Shinagawa Inter City "Shinagawa X'mas cinema Week"

    Shinagawa Inter City "Shinagawa X’mas cinema Week"

    With christmas lights in the background, an outdoor theater in a urban city. We provided short films that will warm your heart and soul in a cold winters day.