Event production project

Would you like to attract more customers by hosting a film screening (festival)?

We recommend on planning a movie event.

  1. Short films are easy to pair it with foods and music.
  2. It is flexible to all situations and generations.
  3. We have the ability to distrubute over 3000 films and have the knoweledge of running such film festivals.

In recent years people had to commit to celebrities or mascots to attract customers to certain events. These types of events heavily rely on that specific individual. However by hosting your own short film festival, it is adjustable to all circumstances. For example, at a London Exhibition we will provide short films that are based in London, if it is an event for children we will provide a family friendly short films.


  • Short Shorts FIlm Festival & Asia

    Short Shorts FIlm Festival & Asia

    An International Short FIlm Festical since 1999. VIsual Voice has been producing and planning its ceremonies.

  • Creators Party

    Creators Party

    A gathering for content creators foe them to socialize and learn with the help from guest speakers.
    *Photo: Getty Images PR Event

  • Pop-Up Events

    Pop-Up Events

    A temporary event held at certain facilities (i.e. Shopping Malls) at a certain time of the year.
    *Photo: Christmas Event at Minatomirai

  • Outdoor Screening

    Outdoor Screening

    We also host out door screening events at parks and facilities. We will provide films and coordinate the whole event.
    *Photo: “”Red Brick Theater”” at the Red Brick Warehouse.

  • Press Release Events

    Press Release Events

    We will organize a press release conference to premiere the short films.
    *Photo: A premiere for the shortfilm we helped create for the Minestry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

  • Talk Shows

    Talk Shows

    We can also arrange a Talk Event that invloves the films.
    *Photo: At the “Brilia Short Shorts Theater: Nobuyuki Suzuki, LiLiCo, Tetsuya Bessho” with Tokyo Tatemono.